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In the Garden #1

Here we are beginning a garden again at the beginning of ‘the growing season’ (generally assumed to be Spring into Summer/Autumn, though in Australia it is only the very attentive gardener who is lucky enough to have plants survive through our Summers!) 430 more words

Our Family

While Rome Burns...

There are no solutions to the instability in the world that I care to offer, as my voice is irrelevant in the scheme of things that cause mayhem and war. 241 more words


The Help Of Many Hands

As we have mentioned in the past , we raise a lot of our own food here at Fernwood. Along with the rows of canned vegetables and fruits lining the pantry shelves and the freezer bags full of blanched greenbeans, broccoli, and swiss chard, we round out our supply with the chicken, lamb, and pork we raise. 566 more words

Life At Fernwood

Living Sustainably...Is this possible in our world of more, more, more...?

Our lives are surrounded by disposable ‘things’. your washing machine breaks? …dump it! The TV on the blink?…dump it for something bigger, better…! On and on it goes. 417 more words


Common Ground

In a world that appears to be coming apart at the seams, we are reminded, on a daily basis, by the mainstream media, that we are separate and divided on many levels. 190 more words


The Story Of Late Summer

I am in the kitchen: through the window, the long grasses run before the wind, and on the table are mounds of greenbeans. Water is boiling on the stove; steam makes the lids dance and rattle. 340 more words

Life At Fernwood

Floating not flooding: Adeyemi's 'Ark-ademy'

Photos © 2014 NLÉ

And what is this extraordinary structure?

Why, a floating school of course. It is also a prototype building created by Nigerian-born architect, Kunle Adeyemi  and his Amsterdam-based company NLÉ. 591 more words

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