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Current project!

I decided to go ahead and post a little bit of what I have been working on. I hope you all like it! :) Enjoy! 368 more words


Steam Removes The Stomping Land, Shows Why Early Access is a Major Gamble

Steam’s Early Access program allows publishers to sell their unfinished games to consumers while they’re still in development, and it’s a program that has gamers on the fence. 406 more words

News And Stuff

Bliss of the Unknown

Invisible shackles and untied bonds
Fastened up across the ankles

Speculated thoughts work all day long
Like dusk forever and waiting for the dawn

Twisted arms in the veil of love… 101 more words


Ideas for pamphlets

Someone brought up the idea of creating a pamphlet,or leaflet type thing that we in the III%/preppper/survivalist/patriot community could hand out to people to let them know we are not a bunch of crazies,and that training and prepping are just common sense. 20 more words


Don't Poke The Bear!

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I don’t ever blog about issues other than to do with people development topics to keep it focused on one main theme, until today. 257 more words



On September 15th, I will start a new year of High School, my senior one. I don’t feel anything just yet, but sometimes I have this fear of not being able to complete my goals. 73 more words


Alone in sleep

It has three heads.  The heads are Death, the Devil and Fear.  I know somehow they are one because of me.  It has bat-like wings, seemingly out of some awareness of convention, since it drifts motionless toward me like some Hindenburg of terror.   367 more words