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What's trending: Sept. 2, 2014

Scooter fail: A guy’s scooter test quickly turned into a high-octane flying session.

Avery goes home: A 7-year-old boy battling cancer jumped for joy and hugged everyone around him when he learned he’s finally getting out of the hospital. 23 more words


That which made a surprising appearance...

A lot of the times, I want to believe that I like to plan if not, at least, schedule how things pan out in my life. 173 more words


Labor Day awkwardness

I had to wake up early today because I had to get my haircut. My appointment was at 9:30 am. I was thinking of going to the movies after, but decided against it, so I just went home. 451 more words



Hey guys, it’s my birthday. Here’s a post to commemorate the day. Enjoy, and share. And oh, leave a “happy birthday” msg for me in the comments. 290 more words


What's Good News?

The second Stout finished a lot quicker than the first.

But not because he drank it.

Omar’s lazy finger doodled in the sweat that popped out of the side of the bottle, drawing aimless, yet intricate patterns on the cold brown canvas. 644 more words



I started August struggling to keep my spirits up in the midst of relentless rains and ended it with a weekend at the beach with friends, buoyed by the revivifying powers of the ocean and the soulful company of women. 193 more words


Woman wakes up to unwanted surprise

SHAWNEE, Okla. – A Shawnee woman woke up to an unwanted surprise.

The woman called police after discovering a man she didn’t know sleeping in her living room. 67 more words