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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to surgery I go

My surgery anniversary is in a couple of days — September 5, 2013. It is a day I wish I could take back, but I can’t.   457 more words

Knee Joint

My Glorified Apendectomy, Part One: In the "Captain America" Room

All my life I had never been in a hospital…well, not as a patient, anyway. As a loved one, or merely as a casual visitor, you develop this impression in your head that, if you end up being the one in the bed, you’ll somehow at least be prepared for it because you watched it happen to someone else. 796 more words

Colon Cancer

Tips for Making One's Home a Healing Site

Question:     Thank you for all your advice. It is being contemplated, and I appreciate it greatly. My circumstances have changed so that I am having a surgery Sept 18 with six weeks in a foot and leg cast, and then up to six weeks in a boot. 292 more words


Busy Waiting

Most people think when you have a heart defect, you get it fixed and you’re done! And that would be correct for several defects. But, for those of us who have children with complex congenital heart defects this is not the case. 606 more words


PEG Gastric Tube

PEG tube or Percutaneous Endoscope Gastronomy 

This is a feeding tube, which allows liquid feed, water and medication  directly into the stomach. It is used when people have difficulty swallowing and are prone to choking. 559 more words


Improving medicines reconciliation

Where this happened: Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

In a nutshell: Medicines reconciliation is the process of obtaining an up-to-date and accurate list of the medicines patients are taking. 209 more words

Orthopedic Surgeries abroad

 Suffering a severe muscular-skeletal injury or developing a deformity often makes surgical intervention unavoidable. Given such a condition what you will badly need is a well-qualified, reliable orthopedic doctor. 227 more words