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Pizza, Pizza...............

Arising at 4 A.M. to get to my brother-in-law’s apartment before the ambulance transport so that I could quickly give him his medications before surgery, as archly instructed by the hospital staff, may have fuzzed up my mind. 320 more words


Old Shakey

People write passionately about discrimination in Medicine: sexism, racism and even fattism (yes, there is such a word, I checked). Today, I want to talk about Ageism. 2,301 more words


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery In The Era of Beauty
It is the most wide-spread form of plastic surgery and is generally associated with voluntary and optional surgical or non-surgical practices (e.g.: Botox, laser hair removal) that are… 686 more words


Ryback Goes Under The Knife

The WWE has seen two high profile departures this past week. Rob Van Dam will be going on what can be assumed to be a routine sabbatical. 448 more words

Before You Get that Hair Transplant - What to Consider

Causes of Hair Loss

Male hair loss, often referred to as baldness can be defined as the receding hairline on the top of the head, especially at the front of the head. 479 more words

Hair Transplant

What is Bariatric Surgery ?

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic, but is an especially serious concern in economically developed countries like the U.S.A or U.K. Obesity is a medical condition in which increased amount of body fat induces health threatening problems. 251 more words


My formerly ailing foot

This summer has been filled with great stuff, which has meant I’ve had plenty to write about here at Down the Road. I write posts in advance and schedule them to automatically post, and usually have a one- to two-week buffer of posts in the can. 586 more words