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Depression is not just sadness!!!

Whenever I have a depression crisis I start feeling numb. It feels like the world just stop and I get stuck. The feeling of emptiness emerge, slowly taking my life as I knew it. 322 more words

My Journal


We need more empathy in the world. I don’t want your ‘chin up’, your ‘soldier on’, your ‘pull your socks up’, your ‘think positive’. You can keep them. 152 more words


Six Steps to Amazing Customer Service

By Stacey Watkins

What makes great companies so great? Most people would probably answer, “A killer product,” “A huge store that gives me tons of options,” or even “A technological superstar!” And this seems reasonable until you hear Shep Hyken answer this question. 435 more words

Mobile Device Support

Because we can still be honest WITHOUT saying, “Gosh woman what is wrong with you?"

Sharing an email. 

Because we can still be honest WITHOUT saying, “Gosh woman what is wrong with you?”

Dear IHM,

I read a couple of blogs on your site recently and found this case of the pregnant woman wanting her MIL to cook for her.

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Indian Homemaker

Don't blame yourself...

Don’t blame yourself. Resist the temptation to get angry at yourself or to listen to the little voice in your head that’s saying, “I shouldn’t have waited; I’m being punished for having that abortion; I should have lost more weight or taken better care of my health; I shouldn’t have assumed that I could have children when I wanted” or whatever negative thoughts you may be having. 40 more words


August 22 | Friends

I am so lucky I have so many lovely people in my life!
Today I was given some lactation cookies from a friend in my mothers group. 31 more words


Meet Delia Whitfield.

It is my pleasure and honor today to introduce you to Delia Whitfield, Senior Outreach Manager of the Chesapeake and Potomac chapter of JDRF. She’s also Outreach Captian for the entire Mid-Atlantic region and Florida too, working with a large number of outreach staff. 1,703 more words