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Suit up or get "Litt up"!

Time to kick off this blog! And is there a better way to do this than to talk about Suits?

Oh yessss, I love those series! 512 more words


Its not Krazy its just sports: Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about some awesome sports stories that were about what makes sports great, the fans. Sports are meant to distract and be fun, give us something to take our mind off of our day to day routines, here is segment 2 of hopefully many of It’s not Krazy its just sports. 534 more words


Episode 46: Fancy Pants

Today, Kenny and Shamus classes it up with fancy clothes and big words, and they’ve reached the the extent of their vocabularies.

How could a guy dress better? 96 more words



This morning was absolutely miserable, as a huge storm had hit overnight, disturbing most peoples sleep. It made getting out of bed ten times harder, but we did it anyway. 331 more words

The Weekend Went Swimmingly

Last Weekend of Swim Training for the Deschutes Dash Triathlon

The city I live in does not have any nice swim areas for open water training, and my work schedule prevents me from going out of town during the week, so I went into last weekend knowing it would be my last opportunity to squeeze in some open water swimming and wetsuit time before I get on the plane to Oregon. 758 more words


Jimmy V Day

The next 48 hours is the dead period in sports. Zero of the 4 major professional sports and neither of the two high profile college sports have games. 438 more words