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Happiness For a Lifetime?


Indeed, it is strange how much every single of us tries to be happy in his life, yet very often happiness seems to be elusive. We all use the word “happiness” easily, but what is also easily understood is that each of us doesn’t mean the same thing. 502 more words

A Message to Children of Immigrant Parents

Growing up, I constantly witnessed the hard work my father was putting in to raise a family along with my uncle who tirelessly worked two jobs to support his. 609 more words


8 Things Successful People Never Do Again

As you know, success is all about having the proper mindset moving forward—if you have a successful mindset, you open yourself up for success and opportunity. 84 more words

What Value Doth Saith a Man?

Recently I had a great conversation with a beautiful, young, intelligent, and successful woman. We spoke over a candlelit sushi dinner and with just the right background music playing overhead. 552 more words


Using Analyst Written Research: Bad Practices

The IT industry analysts do a good job of researching and analysing the IT industry. Where they often do not do a good job lies in educating their own clients on how to use the research and recommendations. 285 more words


RANDOM DAYS: From a successful food demonstration to dealing with employee issues at the workplace

Last August 27, we were scheduled for a “food demo” in one of the universities located in Manila (fingers crossed, a second branch for one of our brands). 676 more words

Take Two

Weeks after my graduation, I was quite impulsive when it came to job/career opportunities. I was approached via my daily LinkedIn email about jobs that would suite my skill-set, and becoming a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel was an option. 227 more words