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Four Skills Needed To Be A Success

What skills lead the good life? Not math, being top dog, having the most toys or winning gold medals  These do not matter. Think about this cartoon. 1,762 more words


Success in solitude

I’m beginning to think that maybe solitude is the success.

I don’t want money. Growing up, I was welfare poor. That’s right. I said it. Now, even though I’m inching up in life, I’d rather be welfare poor than rich without morality and concern for other people who are hurting below me. 688 more words


Organized Effort

Exhilaration, excitement, enthusiasm – they are all contagious.  When the leaders of Millionaires In Training display these positive emotions they are sure to influence those who follow.   179 more words

Your Wish Is Your Command

Failures per day!

A quick idea!

How do you recognize your success in a day?

Most of us measure by the to-do list we finish or a chapter of a book written or something else on a positive connotation. 86 more words

Personal Development

Quote of the Day: Edison

“I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

My business mentors many years back would always drum similar advice into our heads: that failure wasn’t real failure until you gave up, and that the biggest winners in life were always the biggest ‘failures'; they found success after attempting, failing, learning, and trying again. 64 more words


Worrying often costs us more opportunities than it creates. Don’t waste another valuable moment worried about valueless things.
– M. Goodman -


The Daily Dose

Success is a switch that doesn’t turn on or off when others are looking