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I think, when I watermark a photograph, I am asking the viewer to understand my perspective. I ask them to have some patience in understanding what might or might not be a new or strange angle on something. 167 more words



Sa palagay ko, lahat ng bagay eh subjective. Puro galing sa sariling opinyon at kung ano ang convenient sa atin.

Rants And Raves

‘Songs are as sad as the listener.’

-Jonathan Safran Foer

Quickly; finished: Passing...

Quickly; finished: Passing…
(Mid Month Switch Up/ New Routines)
Quickly August Warm Up Words:


finished = With the exam finished, Holly took in a deep breath and let out a long sigh. 116 more words


The Thing I Like About ...

Pete and Pete: the part where the “perfect” guy eats the barbecue ribs.

At least I think they were ribs. They were covered with barbecue sauce. 376 more words

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The concert was nearly sold out. It was quite a show! Up front, the stage was decorated with a mix of art and technology. Many lights were moving about, further stimulating an already excited audience. 687 more words


Part 4: Subjective/Objective

Subjectives are social, they need people.
Objectives work best with things.
I’m a half and half subjective/objective personality.   The counselor’s conclusion: I would work best if I can work on my own projects but be around people.   479 more words