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My Happy Jar

In August I wrote a post about my Happy Jar.

It’s a way to look back on things and remember all the little things that make us happy. 235 more words


Dark Dreams & Desires


My work is an investigation into the unconscious mind. The realm of the subconscious has always fascinated me. These latest paintings are a direct response to memories of dreams. 31 more words

Elliott Hulse - Cycles of Life

Anabolic and Catabolic

The circle of life; hence the solar system, the Earth, atoms and their ever revolving electrons. The universe is a series of cycles and a pattern of circles. 281 more words

Think Tank

The Corridor of my Subconscious - Door 00

What could i write about?


I could write about a woman i really like.

I could write about my iPhone.

I could write about my job and how much i hate it. 1,663 more words

A Head Trip

The Mad Rush

I love when the Mad Rush comes crashing in. The Mad Rush? Yeah. It’s that thing that happens when my mind opens up and all my subconscious thoughts sweep through. 408 more words


Follow your heart, but take your brain.

Follow your heart but take your brain #Quote one of those that make you stop read & think. Learning to listen to your heart is the very first step, understating the nature of your hearts call out is the second step, following your heart with your brain is the third. 74 more words


Last night, my dreaming experience was like watching several different TV channels in rapid succession. On one channel, there was this Gene Kelly and Judy Garland movie, in which Gene was a misunderstood artist everyone kept telling couldn’t dance. 276 more words