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I made myself a wallpaper for my laptop.

Cats + Art


*clap clap clap*


20 Things Project





In a group we went around the college campus and took photo’s of 20 specific things.

Bus, Radio, Pair of pink socks, Piece of fruit, Lipstick, Dictionary, Scottish flag, Lift, Hat, Can of Irn Bru, Green Car, Girl called Claire, Fork, Elephant, Poppy, Sunglasses, Cash machine, Speaker, Bird, Stapler.


Cocaine, dwarfs and business associates

Last weekend I find myself standing, swaying ever so slightly, in a throng of party people I didn’t really know. It was a 40th. I get a perverse pleasure welcoming others to this decade, so make a point of going to them. 684 more words


I'm Bored!

Yes, I’ve heard all of the catchy slogans against boredom, more than once or twice during my entire life. If I express boredom, I’ve gotten the rude reply of, “If you’re bored then you’re boring.” Or it’s been suggested that I am lazy and not exercising my brain enough. 1,195 more words