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Goals for a Digital Humanities Scholar

Firstly, to start this blogging experience for my Digital Humanities Introductory course, I would like to set some goals that I wish to accomplish–within this class, my undergraduate studies, and my future career. 233 more words

Career Goals

Gardens by the Bay.

I’ve recently been working at GBTB, as some of my friends know (which also explains the missing posts, because when I’m not working I’m either watching teen wolf or spending my last few weeks in Singapore with my family and friends). 335 more words

Totoro As Tortora

It’s so embarassing and funny! I told my friends the writer of my Microbiology reference book, Tortora as Totoro, one of the creatures in the anime movie by Ghibi Studio, Totoro.


Studies* show that contemplating suicide occurs most often in the middle of the night.

*Source: The New Jersey Journal of Me Changing a Diaper at 3am.

Specialization and Focus of the Educational Psychologist

So now that I’ve talked a little bit about where educational psychology comes from it’d probably be a good idea to talk about what exactly I do as one. 323 more words

Educationl Psychology

The Arctic melt myth: Seven years ago Al Gore predicted the Arctic would be ice free -- he was wrong

In 2007 — during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech — Al Gore predicted the ice cap of the Northern arctic would disappear because of man-made global warming. 582 more words