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Sleepless Nights

I sit and cry every night
I want to live and want to fight

I want to give up
And I as well might

I sit back up… 96 more words


Keep Moving

I want to be at this completely healed, enlightened, experienced state of mind. The state where I don’t judge myself and I don’t judge anyone else and I never fall apart. 675 more words

Stuck in the middle

I’ve been a little stressed out this week with my writing drought. Two weeks ago I was pounding out pages and great story lines, and this week, I’m lucky if I get a page or two done a day. 569 more words


I can't do this alone

A kid with concrete tears.
Hardened by the streets..
Not numb..
Only refusing to put his guard down..
Vulnerability is not an option.
It’s the choice between suicide or remaining a soldier.. 72 more words

Who am I?

Self-esteem. My estimation of myself, how I perceive myself, what I think of me. My struggle with low self-esteem has been the thorn in my side my whole life, along with food (though I think they go hand in hand.) Just when I think I’ve got a grip on it and things are going well, something or someone comes along and shakes things up, stirring up old feelings and fears. 332 more words

My Story

Another beginning

Another beginning yet again. They always say its as easy as pie, its what you need, this time will be better.

Is it?      Can it?      Should it? 27 more words


I definitely don't regret it

A few months ago I persuaded my mum into letting me dye half my hair electric blue. I cannot tell you the excitement I felt when she finally agreed, after years of asking, begging and whatever else I could do to make her say yes. 537 more words