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Assurance of worthiness that is not always obvious.

Blog Writing

Heart On My Sleeve

long time since I’ve felt
this way
Head in hands
Tears on cheeks
to cry what a relieve
Only you could make me
feel this way… 122 more words


Health is Wealth

I am in love with living a healthy lifestyle. It makes me feel alive, it makes me feel grateful, it makes me happy.

There is something really cool and empowering when you show your body the respect it deserves by nourishing, restoring and helping your body do its job. 276 more words

Harvest Moon. #2

An elephant does not realize it’s size. It still makes the decision to live gently. I admire her simple presence. Maybe we must strive to live as humbly as this creature; strong enough to crush the earth beneath us, but wise enough to walk tenderly. -imd

Strong, Black Womanhood.

We subscribe to things we do not quite understand and endorse them without fully realising how detrimental those things can be. The concept of “self fulfilling prophecy” is powerful and accurate especially with regards to stereotypes because we tend to become the labels placed on us. 947 more words


God is Leader

Mazmur 25:8-10 | Tuhan akan menuntun setiap umat kepunyaanNya untuk masuk dalam jalanNya yang benar dan yang penuh dengan kasihNya. Dan Tuhan sendrilah yang akan memegang tangan mereka supaya mereka mampu melewati jalanNya. 19 more words