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Optimism, Denial, or Faith?

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, people have commented on my “positive attitude.”  Actually, people told me this a lot even before the cancer.  It’s true that I (almost) always try to look at the bright side of things; I strive to find that silver lining to each dark cloud, so I approached cancer like I would anything else in life.  561 more words

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Abs - Gotta be a way.

Of the many physique goals in the wide world of fitness, getting a set of shredded abs is definitely one of the most difficult. After all, a defined, chiseled midsection doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. 604 more words


Let the Children Fall

If you’ve met my children, you’ve probably noticed scraped knees, bruised shins, and even a couple of minor scars. J and H are allowed to climb trees, jump from steps, tables, and platforms. 688 more words

Bodybuilding Training Tips

It’s no secret that doing the same workouts with the same internal variables over and over again won’t lead to muscle growth. But you don’t need to completely abandon your routine every time you need a change. 1,709 more words


True Words

Don’t tell me I can’t so something…I will prove you wrong every time!!!