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Look beyond your peers when comparing #custserv levels

As the work of a customer service team has become more transparent and visible, the importance of their work has become more obviously valued. Now that the customer service team is so clearly the link between most brand names and their customers, these interactions and relationships are becoming increasingly strategic to executives who want to offer great service and create good relationships. 216 more words

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Is every part of your company now customer-centric?

Forbes magazine recently published an interesting focus on marketing recently that explored various examples of customer service from companies such as Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos. 272 more words

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Time People Spend Looking at Screens

According to¬†Nielsen‘s latest Cross-Platform Report, “Americans spent more time than ever before looking at all kinds of screens.” Statista’s Felix Richter posted this interesting chart… 7 more words


Pleasantly surprising video games: Hearthstone

We all have examples of video games we’ve seen sitting on shop shelves or on Steam that haven’t really grabbed our attention enough to spend our hard-earned cash on. 887 more words


Complete Sales Strategies

Sales and sales strategy consulting has grown over the past several years, primarily due to economic issues and organizations thinking they need additional help. In many cases they do, however the goal of any consulting should be to deliver a total package that the customer can relate to and use as much information from the customer as possible. 192 more words


The pros and cons of armchair strategy

When I write or talk about strategy very often someone will argue that strategy is something created separately from reality, that it is a theoretical construct, and therefore has no use in the real world. 687 more words


Culture eats strategy for breakfast, New York Times style

There is a Peter Drucker quote making the rounds on LinkedIn recently, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Ever wondered what it actually means? Well, there is a perfect example being played out right before our eyes right now: … 832 more words