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Launching the Reading Block

Here are my reading posters and charts I use to start off the school year. Each day, I will focus on a reading strategy so we can refer to them all year.

Marketing Strategies For Small Business

You may think advertising and promotion is all you need to get exposed – you’re partly right! But to make a break through, the kind that make your jaw drop in disbelief, you need to continually educate your audience, provide exceptional service, and be engaging. 35 more words

My Lead System Pro

Goodness knows, I saw it coming. Or, at least, I'll claim I did. But, in truth, I'm lost for words.

Even in the height of recovery, I still find myself talking me down from ledges on the regular. I’m not perfect. I’m working on accepting that and accepting who I am, as I am. 890 more words

The Best Addiction On The Planet !!


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Get Stared Here:

Login in Here and on the top there is a red “sign up” Button… 224 more words

Strategies for Becoming a Better Fighter

Corey walks us thru some tips to becoming a better athlete and fighter. Understanding the process and embracing the struggle can mean the difference between

Taxes - Legally Mine

A great quote from Judge Learned Hand from Helvering v. Gregory (1934):

“Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. 41 more words