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One, Two, Three, ALOHA!

I carefully select an oyster from the pile of about twenty and set it on the tray.  The Hawaiian sales lady then tells Butler and I to each grasp the tong and tap it three times out loud.  200 more words


Because when I read, I don't really read

For thirty-five years now I’ve been in wastepaper, and it’s my love story. For thirty-five tears I’ve been compacting wastepaper and books, smearing myself with letters until I’ve come to look like my encyclopedias–and a good three tons of them I’ve compacted over the years. 117 more words

Does good theatre need a story?

I went to see a production recently, which will remain nameless, that I was sorely disappointed by. Certainly a lot of effort had gone into the production and set and all the actors seemed competent enough, but my flat mate and I left feeling it was sort of contentless. 570 more words


While Story 8 is on Hiatus...

I wrote the final episode of Story 8 part 3 back in mid-July and this was just about the time that EA/Origin came out with an offer allowing everyone to download the… 508 more words


Settin' a spell

When I go to visit my mom these days it is less about doing things than it is about visiting. Other than the occasional ride where she gets to be a passenger again and look out the window, she prefers to be at home. 140 more words


Readers of new book The Endgame trilogy by James Frey can win $1.8m in gold coins | Mail Online

After looking for £500 gold bars on a Kent beach now comes the real treasure hunt: Readers of new book trilogy can win $1.8m in gold coins… 64 more words


Hero's Journey: Archetypes

The Hero’s Journey can be an important structure for transformational storytelling. On my author blog, I am doing a comprehensive series on the Hero’s Journey… 249 more words