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So here's the thing...

I just graduated high school. This, of course, means that college is the task at hand. I decided to attend community college (which, in its turn, is saving me THOUSANDS of dollars), but all of my friends went away, rendering me, friendless at home. 47 more words


Muggle the Puggle: Puppy love edition

Although I am a hard-core cat-lover (one word: Sasquatch) and have aspirations of being a crazy cat lady if nothing else pans out, I do find myself experiencing regular bouts of puppy fever. 519 more words


Dust in the Wind: Delight in Disorder Tuesday

Lord, you have been our dwelling place
in all generations…
You return man to dust
and say, “Return, O children of man!”
For a thousand years in your sight…

592 more words
Spiritual Reflections

A Secret Glass (Part 5)

Rizki berdiri di depan pintu kelas dengan tangan tersilang di dadanya. Sesekali ia mencuri pandang ke arah lorong sekolah, mencari tanda-tanda kedatangan Acha. Interogasinya tadi belum selesai, dan ia yakin benar Acha mengetahui sesuatu tentang notes-notes itu. 3,133 more words


Stay Up With Me

I remember when short stories fell out of fashion. For a while there, from the mid-90s onwards, only the most established authors could risk a collection. 935 more words



In high school, way back in the dark ages before I had a boyfriend who could drive, I had to walk 1.2 miles to school. No, I did not walk through the snow, uphill in both directions carrying a trombone.  506 more words


Perspective: Reuben

     “Hey, guess what?” Joseph said during breakfast. “I had a dream last night.”

     Everyone sort of mumbled something and went back to eating. “What was your dream?” I finally asked, only so Joseph wouldn’t go crying off to Father about how he was ignored. 1,314 more words