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race depression

I have depression.
I am young and black.

These two basic truths of my existence do not directly correlate, nor did the latter clearly cause the former. 1,166 more words

Borderline WHat!!

Borderline What???


     Today is one of those days where my mind 1,303 more words

ATSA: Welcome to the 20th Century

I just discovered a groundbreaking article published by ATSA, the premier organization for professionals who treat sex offenders–and the leaders in treatment for people who are attracted to children. 781 more words

Attraction To Children

Storytelling to understand the needs of ebola victims and war victims

When you think of storytelling, I’m guessing that your first thoughts are more about the emotional potency of stories to enrich our lives and expand our awareness, and less about about rigor. 1,283 more words


Featured News - Disability 'criminalised' by treatment of FASD

First People’s Disability Network of Australia is one of the organizations that advocate for recognition of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders as a disability. To date this condition is not considered a disability in Australia, and many people affected have been imprisoned because of behaviors that are associated with the disorder. 97 more words


Go For The Gold

The definition of normal is of average or ordinary intelligence, or conforming to a standard or type.

It’s well and good if this is what a person aspires to be yet I make the case for striving for excellence. 255 more words