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Stick-Wars: The End

And so we’re done with another story. Looks like peace and prosperity reign…until someone steals Pirate’s food again. 9 more words

Stick-Man: Season 1, Episode 1

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I want to take all of my old Stick-Man comics that I talked about in this… 267 more words


Stick-Wars: Small Problem

…And we hit a snag. Oops. Looks like not all apples are equal to Pirate.

decent walk with Daniel

yesterday Daniel and I walked over six and half miles and had a great time – some pix attached which are pretty much self-explanatory … including the Stick Man we made with the sticks we collected 28 more words


Stick-Wars: Reconciliation

Looks like the stick people are trying to make amends! Pirate’s keeping an eye on them, though. Just in case.

Stick-Wars: Forgiveness

She’s not always the nice, but she’s not a bad person.

Stick-Wars: Moments

Looks like the stick-man passed out. But where is he being carried? And why?