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Citizens urged to take action to save wetlands

Essex MP Jeff Watson helped host a roundtable discussion in LaSalle Thursday on the National Conservation Plan, a federal initiative to conserve and restore wetlands and ecologically sensitive areas. 137 more words


NATO struggles with how to contain Russia

As the situation in Ukraine rapidly deteriorates, NATO’s senior military officers will be looking to the leaders of alliance countries, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to back further action on Russia. 817 more words


Kelly McParland: Another inquiry is the best way to avoid actual action on native complaints

In a rare display of like-mindedness, pundits and the Prime Minister appear to be in agreement on a major issue: the need, or lack of it, for an inquiry into the murder of aboriginal women. 1,044 more words

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Editorial: An alternative to an inquiry

“Aboriginal people who asked the Commission to help end the violence had clear ideas about how it should be done:

  • Don’t stereotype all Aboriginal people as violent – make sure that interventions are targeted to those at risk.
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Burger King leaves U.S. 35% corporate tax rate for Canada's 15% corporate tax rate

Wow, I really hate Burger King, but this latest move leaves me very confused. Maybe I have to eat there now?

The Chicago Tribune reports on it. 576 more words


Full Pundit: The case against an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

How social is Canadian society?
The Calgary Herald‘s editorialists buy Stephen Harper’s line that violence inflicted upon aboriginal women isn’t a “sociological phenomenon”; and they agree with… 608 more words

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