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The Truth About Voting

The Truth About Voting Part 2

The Truth About Voting Part 3

Stefan Molyneux

Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution - Stefan Molyneux

Historically, politicians have always fought for the power to create money out of thin air, so they can increase their spending without having to directly increase taxes. 44 more words


The Government Gets a Free Pass Too . . .

Why Corporations Breaking Environmental Laws Are Getting A Free Pass


Governments are notorious polluters . . . check this out:

Enviromental Protection Under Voluntarism



The "Truth" About Stefan Molyneux

“Some of my biggest criticisms of Molyneux involves his attachment to false premises, his speculations passed off as “fact”, and his presumptions that he knows the… 22 more words


The Truth About Robin Williams

Robin Williams Got Us Thinking


Gene Simmons for crissakes? I believe it’s only superficially valid to indicate Jonathan Winters sought help while Robin Williams was unable to overcome the dark forces in his life. 13 more words

Blind Fury

Young Turk Talking Head Encouraged to Consider Scientific Method (and Reality)

Defending Adam Carolla: The Young Turks Rebutted!


Ana Kasparian’s outrage is only exceeded by her poor reasoning and evidence.


A Minute of Your Time . . .

Here’s to the Warmongers | Criminals, Liars and Psychopaths


In the style of the infamous Apple “Here’s to the Crazy One’s” advertisements, we pay special tribute to the warmongers, criminals and liars who have exploited and destroyed the world, enslaving humanity for their own personal gain.