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The internet is full of stuff #3

Another small selection of things on the internet that have recently entertained and informed me.

FreakAngels by Warren Ellis

This web comic isn’t new (it dates from 2008), but having read much of it some time ago, I’ve recently returned to finish it, perhaps not least because it has a steampunk sensibility despite not having a Victorian setting. 168 more words


What's on the menu? (Pt 3)

Reliable tubes are difficult to find these days. I’m running out of good stock.

Okay… Where was I?

The kid…

There was no proof that my going back in time and fixing a bathroom leak had caused the tragic accident, but my gut told me it was so. 841 more words


Steampunk Architecture

During the Victorian Era, the wide availability of water-powered and later, steam-powered, machinery made fabrication of architectural details much less labor intensive than previously. Creative ornamental details no longer required the skills of a wood carver, master carpenter, or stone mason, and many architectural elements could be factory-made and ordered from catalogues. 648 more words


What's on the menu? (Pt 2)

I returned to the diner a few hours before the pipe burst.

I ordered my burger, cola and an extra side of slaw. Nik was wiping down the counter and Wendy, one of the waitresses, was busy serving a family of six. 742 more words


What is on the menu? (Pt 1)

Molly is constantly reminding me to exercise.

“You’re not a young man,” she says. “You need to stretch and give that heart of your a workout.” 443 more words


The Joy of Reclamation

There’s something beautiful about giving new life to old things.

Perhaps I love this concept so much because it’s central to my faith (as my friend… 528 more words


Building Worlds with Cello Strings: A Review of Unwoman's Circling

The new album from cellist/singer/songwriter, Unwoman, was released late last month. I got it a few weeks early for backing the Kickstarter, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since the download showed up in my inbox. 742 more words