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"Goodbye to Yesterday"

Friday Letter to my Kids  -August 29, 2014-

Dear J, J, L and L,

I hate goodbyes.

Doesn’t matter what kind. Short, long-term, temporary, indefinite. They all bite. 979 more words


College Goers and College Stayers

It’s that time of year again. Almost fall. . Or is it fall already? Californian’s never know. We only complain about the vast majority of sweaters we have hanging in our closet, sad and unused. 463 more words


When You Lose Friends Because of Your Difficult Marriage

Difficult marriages are often a journey of years, even decades, for the wife who chooses to stay. Initially she may not even realize it’s difficult. Marriage can be hard, can’t it? 478 more words


The Hardest Part of Leaving

For months, I dreamed about leaving.

I sat in coffee shops talking with friends about how we were going to live more exciting lives some day, I recorded every episode of House Hunters International, and I spent a lot of time taking virtual vacations on Google Street View. 625 more words


Feeling States and Meditation

I wanted to feel something after my meditation yesterday. Maybe tranquil? In tune with the universe? One with all creation? But, alas, all I felt was hungry. 430 more words


All but forgotten

A window, nothing more than a door that leads to the unknown possibility of something more.

As I wander the grounds in search of that thing that makes my skin brighten and my heart quicken—time will only tell. 169 more words