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John Saward - August 31, 2014 at 07:23AM

“We could begin again”, he offered and she shook her head and brushed his hand away from her naked thigh. He began to whistle his happy tune. 208 more words



I no longer have to use band-aids for my lesions! They’re no longer weeping and I’m so happy about the progress my skin has made! I don’t know which aspects of my diet may have contributed to the healing, but I feel like the eliminating does play a huge part. 70 more words


Nine Sentences That Could Ruin Your Career


You know folks; more people shoot themselves in the foot, get fired or destroy the most promising of careers by forgetting to put their brains into gear before opening their big fat mouths than by any other way.   1,072 more words


The "LIKE" button.

All social online media websites have one thing in common. The multitude of buttons to express how one feels. They are the famous “Like, Comment, Report, Re-blog and the Share” buttons; among some others. 570 more words


Migraine, Depression, Work Matters and Robin Williams

I have not been myself these past few weeks.  In fact for most of August, I have been inactive.  My trusty laptop died on me (well the screen didn’t work the way it used to,) not to mention migraine headaches, each and every day.  904 more words