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Think with your mind, not your heart?

Someone told me that today, and tells me that quite often.

And I understand where that person is coming from but I don’t want to think with my mind… 155 more words


Language is Radioactive

The other day, during my first English class of the semester, my professor introduced the course (Major British Writers I) by talking to us about the evolution of language, and more importantly the power that language wields. 459 more words


Cults- Always Forever

I cannot stop listening to this track, it is so dreamy and catchy. From the Cults second album Static, “Always Forver”is a great song to groove to. 51 more words


Satellite Radio For Those Who Spend Time In The Outback!

Satellite radio has been a godsend to people in remote locations, or even just those who travel long distances. In the past while on a long car trip, every hour or so you’d have to start fiddling with the radio, as the station you were listening to turned to static after up to an hour of fading in and out. 326 more words


Static Synchronize Methods/ Blocks

Synchronized Static Methods/Blocks:
When this comes we think where will locking will happen on Class or Object?
But locking happens at class level so all the methods which are synchronized as well as static will not get called at the same time means will be called in synchronized manner. 629 more words