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What is a Boomerang and why do you care about my thoughts?

For my inaugural post I’m going to start off very dry with a simple definition and hopefully grab your interest as I progress. A boomerang is a grown child that moved out and started a life of their own only to come back and move back in with their parents. 449 more words




It’s the one constant in every person’s life.

We regret drinking that Diet Coke.

We regret eating that piece of chocolate cake.

We regret cutting our workouts short…or not working out at all. 524 more words

All Things New

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so my apologies. I have been SO busy! I just got a new job so that has definitely been taking up a lot of my time and the Fall Semester starts this coming Tuesday. 369 more words


Pardon me while I find an identity for my blog...

The good news is that after almost a year in the job hunting desert, and over a decade and a half in the “working-dead-end-assistant-jobs-for-condescending-bullies-and-imbeciles-so-as-not-to-starve-to-death” sewer, I was lucky enough to find a day job that I like and am optimistic about. 85 more words

The pursuit of happiness.

Dear Jude,  


You’re somewhere deep in the land of Leprechauns right now so not sure when you’ll get this (ps please advise you are alive and not kidnapped #Taken). 376 more words

Thankful Monday... A new friend

I’m thankful for a new friend who took me to a pirates game tonight and showed me around a bit. It was a great night despite threats of rain. 29 more words


Life After Purgatory: an introduction

10 months have passed since I first created a blog. 10 months have also passed since I posted to said blog.

Yeah… I’m not off to the best start… That’s okay, I’m a total believer in not getting discouraged from lack of action, lack of progress, or simply put; fucking up. 619 more words

Life After Purgatory