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Kirk to Bridge: Stop Fighting...

The sad thing is that in some ways, it really is this simple. If people simply refused to fight in armies and wars against people they’ve never met, then it would actually be impossible for an elite cabal to consolidate power across the globe, regardless of how much they “owned” or how much fake money they printed.

New World Order

The Romulan Right of Statement

How much does our story matter? In a world with billions of people and billions of other stories, why spend time and effort shouting ours into the aether? 834 more words


Venting: It's Not Just For Dryers Anymore

This summer my musings seem so crabby and dark that this time I’m inserting more positive opinions in between the gripes and snipes. Spoonful of sugar and all that.  801 more words


One Ill Turn 5

Star Trek: Mayweather

Stardate: 2381.77
USS Mayweather in Deep Space

The rumble of the ship’s engines soothed Commander Tucker’s mind and lulled him into a gentle sleep. 1,121 more words


Donors for August 29, 2014

Today we had a lot of new people! Just an FYI for them, I cannot have a conversation or answer many questions while the giveaway is going on. 109 more words