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Bloom's Taxonomy and Common Core Standards

1) What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy do the Standards align to?

I believe that every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is aligned with the Standards. For example, in Common Core Standard K.G.4, students are to “analyze and compare two- and three-dimensional shapes, in different sizes and orientations, using informal language to describe their similarities, differences, parts, and other attributes.” This applies to the level of Analyzing in Bloom’s Taxonomy where materials are broken down into parts and then determining the relationship between those parts and the overall structure. 1,197 more words


Why A Wonder Woman Movie Has Stalled So Long

I want you to imagine a woman getting viciously beaten. Blood, bruises, cuts, and lots of pain. How does that make you feel? What do you think an audience would feel watching that? 680 more words

SSH with GoldKey tokens on OS X: provisioning (IV)

Until now we operated under the assumption that GoldKey tokens were already provisioned with PIV credentials. But that side-steps the question of how these key-pairs and certificates got there in the first place. 680 more words



An important aspect that should influence your decision on which drycleaner to use is their level of standard.

Textile Services Association (TSA) Members are given a level of competency guide called “Code of Practice” that encourages the drycleaners to ensure best practice when treating your clothes. 83 more words

"Mean Time"

We’re not a pit stop
To a destination.
We’re not a gift shop
On a short vacation.
We’re not the comedy act
Before the main event. 12 more words


PHP Spec - a dream come true

Almost 8 years ago, I wrote “What is PHP anyway?“. This blog is supposed to be about some long-term dreams, and in this case it was the dream come true – … 109 more words


This Is How We Math: Graphing Linear Functions

*making middle school math fun* :)

Graphing linear functions is another review activity for Grace, so we whipped through things pretty quickly. (In fact, that’s going to be the case with a few of the topics we have coming up.) You may remember that… 321 more words

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