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Why do relationships have to be so complicated? Is it really that hard to find someone to love, respect, cherish and devote themselves to you and only you? 605 more words


How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways:

How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways.

When you read this. You will find as did. The basics of life, living, love, direction,


The only standard I accept in love

I was on my way home this evening. I was riding the bus, like I usually do, when I fell into one of those moments where you seem to be watching the sceneries pass by, when in reality, you are inside the world of your mind where thoughts just keep flowing and flowing and flowing. 772 more words


When I was young. I loved to go to the bars and just drink and listen to the music/groups that were there or watched the drummer who enhanced up the beat for the young people to dance to. 379 more words


Pioneering on behalf of all UK residents we represented the BSI and DHF in Stockholm even if it has to be done on crutches!

Selfies are all the rage these days; which is of course fine if you are the owner or user of a Smart Phone, but as is the norm in business we still stick with our Blackberries which makes taking a selfie somewhat challenging.  207 more words

Personal Rules for Learning, Blog creation

I write. I write often. And although I have grown past the need to fail justifying my thoughts, my dear friends and family can no longer keep up with the volume of thoughts I share, whether through text, email, Facebook, letter, Snapchat, etc. 447 more words