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Where there's a fog there a way

I have to admit to moaning about the unusual long periods of thick fog we have suffered earlier this year. Unusual in that we rarely get fog on this coast, and also even if we get fog it only lasts a day or so, whereas this year there seems to have been continual fog since June. 362 more words

Will you frandship me?

The purpose of a networking site is not to be connected with people you know. Oh, no, not at all! Its primary purpose of existence is to give wings to a certain breed of people who could never fully take flight in other communicative realms of the Internet, be it email, chat, or online forums. 2,312 more words

Us Magazine

Shampa Shekhawat ka Stalker

Shampa shekhawat ke paas hotness ka gehna tha.

Usne shanivaar ko laal rang ka salwar pehna tha.

Laundon ka usko taadne ka dinbhar kaam hota tha. 121 more words



I try to block things out. I try to ignore things. I try to suppress shit. I don’t want to deal with the things that I need to deal with. 163 more words

Stalker #2

It was the summer of 2008. I was driving to work one day, and my mobile phone rang. I answered it on my hands-free, thinking it was because I was running a little late for the ward round, and the nurses were being impatient. 2,317 more words


Unlocking Someone Else's Prison

I have exposed my abuser. Why? I have spoken of my experiences. Why?

Because I cannot and will not tolerate Domestic Abuse being brushed under the carpet. 460 more words