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Picture of the Day: A Leaf for All Seasons

Photograph by -coolcoolcool- on reddit

Reddit user -coolcoolcool- found this incredible leaf somewhere in Minnesota. The fascinating tri-color specimen beautifully demonstrates the life cycle of a leaf, also coinciding with the changing of seasons. 18 more words


How to give alias for a bean in Spring Configuration file?

In spring configuration file, we generally define bean declaration as follows,

<bean id="shape" class="com.saravanansivaji.spring.Shape">
<property name="shapes">
<ref bean="triangle"/>
<ref bean="circle"/>

<bean id="triangle" class="com.saravanansivaji.spring.Triangle"/> 141 more words


It's arrived!

I am constantly amazed
at the extraordinary ability of a tiny camera
to capture minuscule details of life around us.
Things that our eyes struggle to see are caught in a wing beat, 123 more words

Annie Bisset

'Precoce de Louviers' Pointy Spring Cabbage

The second thing we planted out this weekend just gone was these, the fantastically ponce-ily named ‘Precoce de Louviers’ Pointy Spring Cabbage:

It’s French, dahling. As the name suggests it’s a Spring cabbage, so we’ve started them off now in the hope that we’ll have tasty cabbages to nom in the Springtime. 136 more words


Where is my cleaning fairy?

It’s long been a family joke that Esmerelda the Magical Cleaning Fairy is missing in action and desperately needed.  I’m not a big fan of cleaning… in fact I’m not a fan of cleaning at all.  413 more words