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Tractor Pull Finds New Fans on Urban Streets

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.  First it was Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, an inexpensive lager favored by poor rustic whites and immortalized in the country song “Red Neck, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer,” then adopted by hipsters.  661 more words


Pawn Shop Spoof with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I found this the other day, and I simply couldn’t resist. Ever seen any of those pawn shop shows? The Television Academy decided to have a little fun before the Emmy Awards kicked off by bringing in three actors for one of the most glorious pawn shop spoofs you will ever see. 59 more words

Just For Fun

Sans-Serif Forces Capture Garamond Capital in Typeface Clash

GLYPH, Garamond.  Internecine fighting in this war-torn region abated yesterday as Sans-Serif fighters from the province of Calibri took control of the capital of Garamond, previously held by Serif loyalists. 233 more words


With Arthur Rimbaud at the Chamber of Commerce

French poet Arthur Rimbaud wrote most of his well-known works as a teenager, then abandoned poetry for a mercantile career.

                                              Poetry Magazine


It’s 11:45 and I’m standing outside Rimbaud’s Hardware, waiting for my friend Art to break away so we can head over to the Chamber of Commerce lunch at the Bothwell Hotel.  1,683 more words



That metallic odour,

the sonorous tearing

of flesh,

the sotto-voce breaking

of bone,

incense-perfume clouds

of carnage,

a cloying aroma

of slaughter;

all our hopes hung… 41 more words


Top Vet: Couch-Humping Poodles Threaten Nation's Furniture

WASHINGTON, D.C.  The U.S. Veterinarian General, the nation’s highest-ranking physician for animals, expressed concern today that sexually-frustrated poodles are putting the nation’s couches and reclining chairs at risk with aggressive humping that he said “destroys the very fabric of our nation, or at least the fabric on the legs of furniture.” 371 more words


End of Summer Markdowns Trigger Preppy Doofus Stampede

NANTUCKET, Mass.  A blue-ribbon panel appointed to investigate a late August stampede on this tony vacation island has concluded that drastic end-of-summer markdowns on madras shorts, whale-motif ties and other “preppy” clothing triggered a crush of cheap WASP shoppers that left several people injured, one seriously. 193 more words