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Lisette Mibo’s Passion for Motherland Showcase on the 22nd August 2014

Lisette Mibo is a multi-faceted woman with fingers in a lot of pots; she is an award-winning model, human rights campaigner and organiser. The 2nd annual Passion For Motherland showcase held at the Cre-8 Lifestyle Centre is certainly the culmination of all of these facets. 444 more words



Sometimes its so much easier to talk to a total stranger. To tell someone uv never known, someone who has never known you the things u may be goin through… Its easier to tell your sad, compromised and totally one sided story to someone who has no clue about the real you. 277 more words

Spoken Word


Someone recently asked me “What keeps you up at night?”
And I ran through my mentally noted vices and realized that many of them were no longer a part of me.  164 more words


Am I Black Enough For You?

Heartbeat joggin and my lungs yankin at a cigarette on the 9th step outside an office building on the corner of WhoCares and WhatTheHell. Its sleighbells jingling and its mid july, some sort of demonic santa? 140 more words


9.1.14 This Man

She felt so good
To be held
And loved

Glassy eyes
Glassy bayou
Staggeringly gorgeous Sunday

Who is the man
Who gives a woman the space to dance in the desert’s truth? 180 more words

Revelation: Christianity over Culture

The fourth and final in my ‘Revelation’ Series.


Christianity – to follow Christ. The only way to God is through him for he bridged the divide brought by our sin when he died on the cross letting the Holy Spirit in to our lives. 480 more words



slip my hand inside my pocket

draw a pen onto the page

segregate my hate from my emotions maybe

and spit it right out onto my monitor enraged… 29 more words