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Silent words

Silent words
that hides
behind wooden trees
tarry along the
hands of
heavenly wind

Burn the hearts
of one
Who owns thee

Take the soul… 27 more words


The Sanctuary of My Love

I have chosen for you to shed tears
Don’t hide them in dark nights
for each tear holds within
a tender and silent mystery

Don’t you know that it is My Love… 73 more words


I Laughed at the thought of you

I laughed
At the thought
of your face

An angel touched down
and joined in the gain

My sight
has caught his face
As he fly across… 41 more words


No death, No tears

There would never
Be death or tears
If you could walk
this way

Peace stand still
At the gate
If you could lend
a say… 23 more words


Teach me how to pray

Teach me
how to pray
For my strength
has gone insane

It ran
Like a mad man
From its cave

Taking no cloth
For his brace… 39 more words


I'll find life again

I’ll find life again
in flowers or in grave

The rest I seek
in the shadow
of the wings

The taste I dream
in the light… 28 more words