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No. 606

The following is an indication of my sanity or an example of channelling during an automatic writing session. I wrote the following without thinking. I have tidied it up. 476 more words


Pineapple Express Cocktail

Pineapple Express Cocktail

We had Thai lettuce wraps the other night that called for fresh pineapple and limes. Sounds like a cocktail to me so we made what we are calling the Pineapple Express. 57 more words


For the Love of Angels

Today’s topic may be a bit off the mark, but I told you from the get go that I would write about whatever is on my mind at the time, so consider yourself warned :) 361 more words

Cowboy Cocktail

The Cowboy Cocktail

Being on social media these days really inspires me for a lot of great ideas, especially when it comes to cooking, eating and drinking.   209 more words


Hidden Enemies (American Idols excerpt)

Life is much more than what our five physical senses reveal. There is a world, hidden from our natural sight, that is actually more real than the one we understand by using our basic senses. 440 more words


Marching Souls

August 1976:

   It was late summer and I was visiting a girlfriend. I wasn’t allowed that far out into the country. I stayed until it was dark outside. 485 more words


Jim Beam Honey Bourbon

My place, Charlotte, NC

Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey infused with real honey and liqueur.