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I’ve always found quarters in strange places. I bought a new car there was a quarter in the glove compartment. I look through old boxes, there’s a quarter at the bottom. 195 more words


Ganzfeld: Blindfolding Your Way to Vision

There is one toy/technique I love, that I don’t use nearly enough: The Ganzfeld procedure. For those unfamiliar with it I’ll explain it briefly, and if you’re curious I’d recommend a bit of time with google for more detailed instructions. 910 more words



I admit, I did want you.

And yet, I rejected you; not because you were not beautiful, no. You were (are) achingly beautiful: Detailed, and perfect. 745 more words


"One Love" Jamacian Rum Cocktail

“One Love” Jamaican Rum Cocktail

When I go to Central Market I check out their soda aisle to find interesting drinks to use in cocktails. Fentiman’s is a brand that has some interesting flavors that all have some herbal notes in them. 66 more words



The topic of spirits can be somewhat controversial, many do not believe.  I was one of these people. Of course I believed in God, angels, the devil and demons, but I didn’t believe bad spirits could harass you, oppress you, even possess some.   340 more words


Music Box Dancer

As a teenager I would get into my mom’s purse and take cigarettes and change. I was a foosball addict and smoked. When she got sick, she asked me to quit smoking. 226 more words