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Where do these odd spellings come from?

English spelling has some interesting quirks, reflecting the many influences on the development of the language. This post explains the background of 11 oddly spelled words… 12 more words


Spell Up!

Spell Up is a new and fun game where you spell words given to you and you either say or type the word. It is a great game to help you practise your spelling. 106 more words


Can English spelling b impruvd?

The English language’s antiquated spelling patterns make English difficult to learn.  Way and weigh, threw and through, Phil and fill—English is replete with spelling patterns that inhibit reading and spelling for young children and ESL students. 415 more words

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Quotes: 12

“Speculative fiction is a world that writers create, where anything can happen.” – David Bowlin


Grammar Police: 1

Today I begin a new series on the J.L. Pattison blog featuring grammar violations that simply cannot be passed up.

For the inaugural post, here is a classic example of why commas are so important. 11 more words


On the Origins of Fuck Part 2: But what about the D?

Last week I got to visit the manuscript that started it all. The one with the brilliant little note in the margin insulting some unpopular cleric with one of the earliest recorded instances of the word… 1,302 more words