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Team Humanity

An article showed up on Digg today, asking if sacrificing for one’s team should be considered altruistic. In the context of sports, the author, David Papineau, raises a question of whether a player sacrificing for his team is doing so for his or her fellow teammates (altruism) or is instead identifying with the abstract concept of a “team,” of which he identifies as a member. 593 more words


"Virtual" showroom invites dark thoughts

You can meander inside the Tesla showroom on Westlake Ave in Seattle, using Google Street View. Impressive! But you know what would be more impressive? If you could meander inside Tesla stores located in banned states — and mosey up to a virtual sales desk and place a real order for a real Tesla. 18 more words


The middle child

At the end of the middle trimester of the year, I’m on a break. I need it. The last 12 weeks have been a trial that has seen some violent mood swings and me walking out of a group therapy session. 340 more words


When the sky is falling: Part II.

And now for the exciting conclusion of yesterday’s post! I will continue where I left off and go immediately into the next possible way of handling a bear market. 1,350 more words


When the sky is falling: Part I.

We’ve gone over a couple of examples where I thought the security was solid, but over-priced. In fact, my general rule is that I would be willing to invest in almost anything (that did not violate my principles) at the right price. 772 more words


Nobody is perfect, but...

Was there ever time I felt like a perfect girlfriend? The answer would be yes, probably. 1,088 more words

My thoughts on Pokkén Tournament

Does anyone remember back in 2013 when mysterious footage of a game featuring Blaziken and Lucario was leaked at the Pokémon Game Show? Well, that mysterious game has now been confirmed as Pokkén Tournament, a collaboration between the Pokémon and Tekken franchises. 560 more words

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