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I got bit again and dscusting photo of spider bite on an old wrinkled up leg

I did a post about getting bit by a spider again and apparently it went out into the cyber world.

In just two days it has turned into cellulitis and I ended up in ER Room last night. 63 more words

The aftermath of the second (fertility) opinion

Last week, our third IUI sadly failed.

As mentioned previously, E felt like she might want to try more IUI cycles, whereas due to the low success rate, I felt that IVF was a better option, but I felt it wasn’t my place to tell her to ‘GO IVF’ (Pom poms shaking) as it was her not me undergoing these procedures and injections. 360 more words

Ask The Specialist: What’s A Trunk Show?


by Ryan Conner | 15 hours ago

Don’t miss the Essense of Australia trunk show at Bridal Boutique.
Thanks to Amy Berend from Bridal Boutique for answering this week’s reader question: 30 more words

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