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Would you buy medications from this spammer?

My home email account had this in the spam filter. The subject: P E N I_S..__..E_N L_A..R-G..E_M_E N T-_ P..I..L..L_S…Jcooley…

Here is the actual text of the email, with the one clickable link removed. 180 more words


I actually don’t like Spam, but lots of people do, including my husband. Spam is tinned pork and ham and it’s produced by Hormel Foods Corporation; in Britain it’s either served cold in sandwiches or with salad or maybe boiled potatoes and vegetables, or fried, or made into fritters…. 128 more words


You should buy stock in 'Inspiration Mining Corp'. (NOT!)

Well, it’s about time that I start to nag about spam again. This time someone really would like people to go trade on the financial market. 1,383 more words

Random Rants

Craigslist secret forums

Well Craigslist secret forums are not so secret anymore. The more popular secret ones have been posted online in lists. A really long time ago, I was into the forums. 301 more words


Hawaiian Breakfast Bowl

Venue: Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

Don’t be put off by the fact that the main ingredient to this dish is spam. Spam is amazing, salty, versatile, and is going to be the protein of choice in the apocalypse so best get used to it now. 165 more words

Readers Digest SPAM

(This is the perfect entry for this blog.)