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Meditacion con Canto de Armonicos y Cuencos Tibetanos, SPAIN

Ajoutée le 7 nov. 2013

Escuchar con cascos :)
Aquí os ofrezco una meditación, con canto de armónicos técnica con la cual el cantante puede emitir 2, 3 y hasta 4 sonidos simultáneamente consiguiendo una relajación y meditaci


Tibetan Lamas Chant Prayer with Overtone Singing, SPAIN

Mise en ligne le 10 nov. 2010

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard sing Overtones and vocals with 3 Tibetan Lamas from the Gaden Shartse Monastery. Filmed in their Dome Centre in Spain, where they hosted the 8th World Tour for Inner Peace. 63 more words


Tantra Overtone Chant-Balance the Yin and Yang, SPAIN

Mise en ligne le 28 oct. 2009

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard use voice and Overtone Singing to balance and harmonise the Male and Female energies – A Tantric aspect of Sound… 22 more words


Amazing Grace with Overtone Chant, SPAIN

Mise en ligne le 15 oct. 2009

Nestor Kornblum sings the melody of Amazing Grace using only the overtones (harmonics) in his voice. There are NO musical instruments or electronic effects involved. 79 more words


It is easy to dream, and then comes reality.

Today my passport arrived with my visa in it, a little over three weeks since my appointment in Chicago with the consulate!  You would think I would be giddy.   693 more words