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Blind Passion.


This is part of a series, perhaps I might of enjoyed it more If I had read the others. 160 more words


Repurposing our Junk

If they can actually capture some space junk, I know that I would love some of this stuff as a coffee table.  But, Lockheed Martin and an Australian… 33 more words

Space Junk

Launch - Richard Perth

Launch is a speculative look at Earth’s future as seen through the eyes of two human travelers who’ve taken a journey not only through space, but through time, by means of sub-light travel. 501 more words

4 Star

Totally 80s: The Challenger space shuttle

Welcome the next installment of my year-long look back at the decade that was ruled by big hair and bigger egos. Every other week I’ll be covering pop culture tidbits from the 1980s, sharing memories, choking on the ridiculousness, and maybe offering an insight or two into what made the 1980s so great/bad/silly. 950 more words


Quantum Entanglement

The office was a flurry of activity when I entered. No doubt it had been this way ever since the Endeavour entered a stable orbit. Two centuries of planning, prep and endless waiting, and for the first time, mankind had reached another star. 3,039 more words

Short Story


Time dilation sucks
Space battle was years ago
Still don’t know who won


The Anti Hero in Fantasy

What is happening to the hero who is firm of jaw and pure of heart? Where is the man who faces dangerous odds in order to rescue fair damsel? 1,009 more words

Science Fiction