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Once my “add media” will allow me to upload a pic (not working now) here is the prompt for this week’s Flash! Friday writing contest (and the story had to include an alien): A picture of the three astronauts from Gemini V, having just landed, are in the water, entering their life boat. 157 more words

Once, A Traveller (a poem)

Once, A Traveller

My mind still possesses its eye
travelling by the light of those
dirty diamonds we call stars.

I ride bareback on the… 42 more words


Crash landing

After a brief three weeks in the UK I’m back in Italy, more specifically Treviso. A little over a week ago I hauled more than half my body weight across Rome (leaving me with a beautiful set of purple case-corner bruises), moved my life into a room and dashed to catch a train halfway up the country.  740 more words

Do You Know the Way to San Mars-se?

©2014 By Bob Litton

I do not recall when we first became inundated with newspaper and magazine articles concerning, or referring to, the possibility of other planets on a scale comparable to Earth’s, and more speculating as to the possibility of intelligent beings populating those planets. 974 more words


Swan Star

Wise didn’t know when she woke up anymore. She originally saved the clock when cutting systems. Knowing when was day and when was night and how many of each had passed was worth the power drain. 1,363 more words


Watch a 3,500-Pound Spaceship Burn Up in the Atmosphere

When the Cygnus supply ship arrived at the International Space Station in July with cargo that included food, science equipment and mini-satellites, the astronauts aboard knew it would be making a dramatic exit. 85 more words

The Asteroid Initiatives Solar Scout CubeSat Explorer

Artist’s rendition of Asteroid Initiatives Solar Scout™ CubeSat Explorer deploying Chipsat Sensors at a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) a few million kilometers from the Earth. 154 more words

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