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#168 Space Rest

The battle to colonize Mars ended with a snore.

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Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth [Youtube]

Ho folks,

Here’s a fairly sick EDM song, and a video beneath regarding Earth, it’s birth and constitution.

Tiger LA – Now You Know (Bobby Green Remix) 13 more words


Black Hole Theories and Religion

“Some cosmologists have gone so far as to suggest that our own Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe. In a remarkable paper about the nature of space and the origin of time, Nikodem Poplawski, a physicist at Indiana University, suggests that a small change to the theory of gravity implies that our universe inherited its arrow of time from the black hole in which it was born.”

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Will the night sky eventually end up completely black because the universe is expanding?

No, the night sky will not eventually end up completely black. It is true that the universe is expanding, which causes many stars to be farther and farther away from Earth, and therefore causes them to be dimmer. 427 more words


Race to Build NASA Space Taxi Down to the Wire

A three-way race to build a commercially operated spaceship to shuttle astronauts — and other paying customers — to and from low-Earth orbit is close the finish line, with NASA aiming to award development and flight service contracts as early as next week. 647 more words


Airborne LiDAR vs Satellites



Finding a Home for Philae

ESA has shortlisted five potential landing sites on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, where Philae can theoretically drop down and anchor itself.  Now they get the difficult task of narrowing it down to just one, in what looks like a geological bonanza.  Here they are: