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Kaapi, anna?

Filter coffee, aka kaapi, is literally a balm that soothes the frazzled soul. There is magic in this concoction that spells pure joy.

The Dravidians got this beautifully right!

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Riding the Kolli Hills!

What better way to spend the Independence day (and the following weekend) than riding solo wherever I want to! At least I couldn’t think of anything else and went riding away from Bangalore into the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu! 878 more words


Northern Origins of a Southern Temple...

The Kamakala Kameswarar Temple in Triplicane.

What is startling is that a family belonging to the Kayasth community,

which had its origins in present day Uttar Pradesh, built it.

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A Trip to Palani Hills....Part-I

At the outset let me make it clear that this blog is intended as a help for those who are planning a trip. It takes you over the outline of my trip but doesn’t delve into the details of the trip itself – hope you find it useful. 1,417 more words


Re-discovering an origin story. Pre and Post-Independence narratives of Dalit Historiography.

The historiography of Dalit subalternity includes various origin stories that release these marginalized people of India away from their original Vedic roots that have long oppressed them within a religious social hierarchy. 2,336 more words


An Interesting Personality of Coimbatore !!!

A stickler for keeping accounts, Govindarajulu was also one of the earliest bikers in Coimbatore. Photo: Special Arrangement

Govindarajulu kept track and account of every rupee, anna and paisa along…

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A Potter's Prayer to Pillaiyar....


From Clay to Idol: Giving finishing touches. Photo: S. James

Clay-idol makers and the tradition of the eco-friendly pacha-mann pillayar are on the wane…

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