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No Human Soul

The soul is not human;
it is Divine
connecting with
the entire matrix
of our Creator.

The soul has no lessons
to learn; it is perfect… 43 more words


Melody Sprite (CC-by-NC-SA-3.0 License)

Character – http://tigerangel.deviantart.com/art/Melody-177539347

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

This means the following:
– Credit the source and artist. 16 more words


The Answer

All over the world
people are being given
pieces of the truth
in the symbols and language
of their culture. To say
one group has THE answer… 44 more words


How To Turn Your Newborn Into A Source Of Income

A first impression is the second most impressionable moment you can have on someone upon meeting them for the first time.  

In today’s world, beauty is one of the most attractive things to the eye, third only to shiny objects and one of those optical illusion posters where you have to stare at it for 30 seconds and go a little cross-eyed and then suddenly there’s a pirate ship where there was once just crazy squiggly lines.  551 more words

Depending on Perspective




Giant drawings across
miles of barren land;
images that can only
be understood from above.
One tiny soul walks
across trying to explain… 51 more words


September 2014 Energy Report > Uriel Heals

a message from Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 1 September, 2014

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September ushers in the final four months of 2014 and whether you think the year has gone by quickly or slowly, we have all been part of a deliberate process of shifting the entire alignment of every aspect of the energy we live in and with. 998 more words

Seeking Abundance

Abundance, I had it all along;
vaults of gold, precious jewels
these I do not have
yet I have all I need
at this moment
so abundance have I, indeed!