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Sound Mirrors Echo Obsolete Military Technology as Art Installation

Image: Signal

Before the invention of radar, the British military experimented with acoustic mirrors as a means of detecting approaching enemy aircrafts. Rather than displaying blips on a screen, these strategically placed parabolic monoliths simply reflected ambient noise from their concave surfaces, making it easier to discern far-off sounds, like the drone of an airplane’s engine. 335 more words


Brown, Heavy and Hairy, What Good Could Come From It?

The best luck we’ve had raising a coconut palm tree was not the one I started in the

house, it struggled to grow for years and then finally looked so badly it was moved out with the weekly trash. 862 more words

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Worth a listen: The Sound of Sports

Over the past few weeks, I have been listening to the 99 Percent Invisible podcast on my journeys to and from work. If you are a fan of… 366 more words


Artifices of Early Photography and Phonography

On May 19, 2013, while on the road home from the ARSC conference in Kansas City, I spotted a stack of tintypes at an antique mall in Springfield, Illinois, including this one, which I picked up for $2 as the first in what has since grown to be a fairly large collection of such things: 2,970 more words


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Sound Effects

Space Bumz on tha Run - New song track

I just joined on SoundCloud and AudioTool for fun.  Check out my new track called “Space Bumz on tha Run”

… and on AudioTool:  Space Bumz on tha Run… 35 more words