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Kadayawan in Manila (with a Durian Shake Recipe)

I missed the Kadayawan Festival in Davao by a week. I still have classes to teach, and making up for missed classes near the end of the term is just impractical, so I had to give up a trip to Davao and just enjoy the pasalubong I would receive afterwards. 362 more words

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Like a well-oiled machine

I often find that engaging in the physical leads me to experience the spiritual. Today, I finally, truly understood what it meant to have a body and spirit like a well-oiled machine. 441 more words

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Flourless Pancakes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these flourless pancakes that the Internet has been raving about? Deeee-licious.

I used this recipe as reference, but you know me; I like to experiment. 154 more words

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Nutritious Pancakes

Yaaay! This is gonna be a quick post, as I’m quite hungry.

How to make healthy, high-fiber, low-sugar, low-carb pancakes?

I used one package of my regular whole-wheat pancake mix (Thank you, Maya Kitchen!), then sprinkled in some flaxseed meal, oat bran, whole rolled oats, and some chia! 24 more words

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Monday 07.28.14

AM Session- 11AM:

Row 1k wrm up

Row 30sec @ 85% (aerobic repeatable pace) rest 30 sec. x22 sets

  • 146/144/145/145/145/144/146/142/123/135/134/137/137/139/138/139/139/139/140/141/140/140 (meters rowed)

PM Session- 6:00PM: 175 more words

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Prayer Exchange

Before going into grad school, I used to be a Sunday School teacher and Bible Study leader. Once a week, I had devoted myself to attending and sometimes leading Bible Study groups, involving young adults like myself in the study and meditation of God’s word. 245 more words

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Whole wheat, brown rice burrito

Who doesn’t love burritos? They are made with the best spices, filled with savory beef, drizzled with sauces and cheese, and are so easy to pack for lunch or for a picnic. 197 more words

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