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you and i

You and I. Were a ridiculous idea to begin with.

Came from two different worlds.

Lived in. Two separate lives.

Loved in other various ways. Bar the one we could know together. 107 more words


Menagerie - They Shall Inherit

Here’s a band that released their first album not long time ago and I recently discovered and fell in love with.

Menagerie is a new project from Lance Ferguson, I honestly never heard of this guy, but, searching him I get to more of his projects and collaborations and was not disappointed at all. 164 more words



Isn’t it strange that one tiny gesture can change the way we feel about a person? A kiss on the hand, a coffee, holding a door open, even just starting a conversation with you first. 403 more words

Jodie Paterson

California Soul Bowl

Tucked away on Middle Street, you will find California Soul Bowl. The premises, once home to the Choccywoccydoodah Café, have had a bright Californian makeover creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 312 more words


Tapestry Of Life

Spark in the eye
Begins it

We all see it
But don’t all feel it

That magic moment
It comes

A new life

The Tapestry… 60 more words



Summary of the Apocalyptical Wisdom

        All the peculiarities or doctrinal details arise from KEY-TRUTHS, from the MATRIX or FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS. As the Doctrine of the Path, conveyed and not 1,051 more words