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Webroot Secure Anywhere Ürünlerinin Diğer Anti-virüs..

Malware yazılımlarının sayısı yüksek seviyelere ulaştı ( Yılda 60 milyondan daha fazla farklı örnek ortaya çıkıyor. ) bu durum geleneksel anti virüs yazılımlarının sağladığı korumayı yetersiz hale getirmektedir. 25 more words

The Raconteur

My entry in the Flash! Friday competition this past weekend. Your story had to be inspired by the photo below and the other stipulation was you had to… 187 more words

When Will Jack Be Born - First Time Father Emotions

                    First time father problems? Maybe? I don’t want to leave her side and I’ve never felt so overprotective. I know she’s miserable – its written all over her face. 428 more words


Unlocking Someone Else's Prison

I have exposed my abuser. Why? I have spoken of my experiences. Why?

Because I cannot and will not tolerate Domestic Abuse being brushed under the carpet. 460 more words


Lemon Sausage

Okay just so we get of on the right foot, this post has nothing to do with Lemon Sausage, nor Lemons or sausages. But we must put a title, and I can’t find the words to summarize today. 973 more words

Summer Is Ending

Routines are changing and summer days are coming to an end.  Our lives are getting busy again as my wife heads back to the classroom and my son heads off to daycare.   264 more words


Anthropomorphizing God

There are many dangerous things Christians like to do. One of them is to anthropomorphize God.

Anthropomorphize: (verb) to attribute human form or personality to things not human…

634 more words