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"Runaway emu"

“Have you seen this emu?
A two meter tall, dinosaur-looking bird is residing in the woods around here. And it is sorely missed.”

This is the news of today, and I was just wondering if I was still where everybody expected me to be.

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I remember

I exhale deeply, as my thoughts travel to the moment we last spent together. my body shivers in the magical breath of the past. Somehow knowing we can recapture the magic here, now, in the present. 150 more words

Something Else

The Whisper Journal

April 6,

With the cleanse of spring, everyone has a sense of joy about them. Even on the gloomiest days, we listen to the perforated silence, as the rain splatters against a shudder not quite fastened. 62 more words

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How pleasant it would be to live as a grain of sand. Swept with idle curiosity to shore, desert and back again. Free to roam in listless wonder until the wind beneath you falls away and you drift, filled with memory, into the company of trillions.

Something Else

Movie Night on the Beach

Kids these days…They just don’t get scared like they used to!

Point Lookout Civic Association present a fun family evening with:

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"Real Life" at a Food Startup

Today I am pleased to share some highlights from my first month as an Outreach & Communications Intern at Good Food Awards, a one-of-a-kind initiative based in San Francisco that recognizes craft food producers around the country for excellence in taste and sustainability. 334 more words

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